Co-creation and Joy with Global Friends and Experts
Bigture app is a unique service that can be created by collaborative efforts between art experts and global friends. It is where you can experience a wider world and develop your creativity through artworks. Start Bigture now and find how online technology can be heartwarming and inspiring for children.
“Big + Picture + Future”
You can all have different imaginations even if they look at the same object. -Wouldn't it be great if you could share this artistic imagination with your global friends? Bigture is where you can communicate and share thoughts and emotions with artworks. It is where you can cultivate unlimited creativity and the power to communicate with the world.
Upload your artworks and show to the global friends! And you can
communicate with Empathetic Reaction Stickers.
Reaction Stickers Communicating with global friends through artwork
You wanna have your own art illustration book?
Now, in Bigture, an interesting story awaits your artwork.
Participate as an artist and create your own wonderful storybook.
What are you thinking? Feel free to express your
cool thoughts in Bigture sketchbook.
Drawing Tool Bigture's various kits are full!
You can view all artwork archives. Yes, it's a gallery
space. Upload a variety of artworks to fill this space
Bigture Statistical Index Find out my Personality Type
Friends around the world Marking my Favorite Artists
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