The Clockworks (“Company”) adheres to regulations for user privacy as outlined in the “Communications Privacy Act,” “Telecommunications Business Law,” “Acts on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization,” “Information Protection,” as a telecommunications service provider. “Company” also creates the Privacy Policy in conjunction to previously stated regulations to provide the best quality privacy protection.
1. List of collected information and methods of collection
1) List of collected information
i. “Company” collects information as followed during the initial application for registration and various “Services”.
– “Email (ID),” “Password,” “Nickname,” “Birthday,” “Sex,” “Country”
ii. During the use of “Services” the following information may be collected.
– “Visit date,” “Service record,” “Report log,” “Date of registration,” “OS Version”
2) Methods of collection
– Voluntary disclosure of information by “Clients” during registration of “Services.”
– Automatic collection during the startup and use of “Services.”

2. Collection of user information and purpose of use
1) Provide the basic functions of “Services”
– Provide identification for “Services” through use of “Email (ID)” disclosed by “Clients” during application.
– Verification of usage and communication assistance of “Clients” in various countries through use of “Country” disclosed by “Clients” during application.

2) Administration of “Clients”
– Prevention and limitation of malicious “Clients” through use of “Report log.”
– Notification of “Services” updates or complaints through use of “Email (ID).”

3) Advertising or marketing of “Services”
– Improvement and update of “Services” through use of “Service record” of “Clients.”
– Offering event information or advertisement of new “Services” and opportunities to join when new “Services” are created.

3. Providing and sharing of private information
“Company” will only use private information as outlined within the bounds of “2. Collection of user information and purpose of use,” and will not step out of these bounds or provide information to 3rd parties without the explicit consent of “Clients.” However, under decree of law or with request of an investigative government agency, the request to disclose private information will be considered as an exception and could be handled without the explicit consent of “Clients.”

4. Privacy information storage and duration of holding
“Company” will use the information provided by “Clients” only during the duration for when the “Services” are provided. If “Clients” request to have their account deleted or retract their agreement to the Privacy Policy, all private information will be deleted. However, certain information will be held for the following durations.
1) Service Log
– Basis for holding: “Communications Privacy Act”
– Duration of holding: 3 months
2) Records regarding contracts or cancelation of contracts
– Basis for holding: “Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Act”
– Duration of holding: 5 years
3) Records regarding complaint and/or dispute handling
– Basis for holding: “Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Act”
– Duration of holding: 3 years.

5. Procedures and methods for deletion of private information
When private information of “Clients” meets the purpose for collection and usage, the information is deleted.
1) Procedure of deletion
– After meeting the purpose of collection, the private information of “Clients” is moved to a separate storage and is deleted after a set period following the regulations set internally and other governmental regulations for privacy protection.

2) Method of deletion
– Information printed on paper will be shredded or burned.
– Digital files will be deleted completely through methods that inhibit the restoration of data.

6. Contact information for user privacy manager
Bigture always treats the “Clients” information as their top priority and work hard to protect it. If any privacy issues arise during the use of “Services,” please contact the following user privacy manager. Bigture will do its best to reply swiftly and responsibly to various questions.
User privacy manager: Cheong Lee (President/CEO)
Contact: 070-7404-4338 /
If you have any other reports regarding your disclosed information or need consulting please contact the following departments.
– Privacy Complaint Center: (without country code) 118
– Cybercrime Investigation Department: 02-3480-3571
– Cyber Terror Response Center: (without country code) 182

7. Addendum
If there are any additions, deletion, and/or revisions, Bigture will let “Clients” know at least 7 days from the effective date of the new Privacy Policy.
– Privacy Policy Version: 0.1
– Privacy Policy Effective Date: June 1, 2014
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